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Provider Enrollment

Looking to Enroll with a Payer?

Payer Enrollment is the process to request participation in a commercial health insurance network, Medicare and/or Medicaid. It also includes when you add, change, term a practitioner or group office practice location. Confirmation is completed to insure timely and optimal reimbursement of submitted claims for services provided by practitioners to enrollees and patients.

VerifPoint specializes in credentialing for Health Plans and the Enrollment process on behalf of the Healthcare Provider. We are vertically integrated to work both sides of the process.

Because the credentialing requirement varies by each payer, it takes knowledge and experience to complete the process timely and efficiently.

VerifPoint Advantage

Your practitioner information is input into the VerifPoint database once where we can then populate all the different Health Plan Applications with the same information. Additionally, the VerifPoint database has over 6.5 million provider licenses and VerifPoint is currently Providing PSV credentialing for over 400,000 health care Providers.

Leave it to us, whether you need to:

  • Start a new practice
  • Participate with new payers
  • Add new practitioners to your facility
  • Change locations

Your staff's time is valuable. They should be helping you with patient care and processing billing; not wading through tons of paperwork. Enrolling in Health Plans is a timely, labor intensive process involving red tape, endless forms and duplicative efforts involving much of the same information.

Do not compromise quality for value. The cost of outsourcing your provider enrollment is well justified when considering the money lost by not getting credentialed in a timely manner or losing privileges.

Enrollment Service Includes:

  • Update and Maintain CAQH profile.
  • Complete and submit new enrollment applications.
  • Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment.
  • Follow up on enrollment applications until processed.
  • Application Processing Services Medicare/Medicaid.
  • Enrollment of all provider types.
  • Status Reports so you know where you are in the process with each Payor
  • PECOS enrollment/updates/changes
  • Access to the web-based portal to make up to date changes to be in compliance with all Medicare/Medicaid/insurance networks.

CAQH Maintenance:

Once you have obtained your CAQH ID, VerifPoint can assist you in completing your online profile as well as ongoing maintenance including re-attestation and document submission.

This service is available even if you have already enrolled with all your payers.

Please keep in mind that enrolling in CAQH does not mean that you have enrolled with participating health plans. Having a complete CAQH profile is only one step in the long process of enrollment. Let VerifPoint help you with the Enrollment process so you can concentrate on your patients.

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